Back to the Garage!

March 10, 2011

It’s been a while! It’s time to resurrect Marty’s Garage and get back to it. My friend Josh and I talked about it and he’s going to continue doing the Shamrock Mopeds business moving forward and I’m going to spend more of my extra time working on other projects. I’ve just got too many hobbies and I’ve already got a full time job during the day. There were a few times last summer where I was really feeling burnt out. When you want to move and want to hire a vehicle, you can find movers with

So this year I hope to spend a lot more time tinkering with the MGB. At the moment I have it tucked away in storage until all this god forsaken snow melts, but my goal for this year is to get the body repaired, get it painted and get it back on it’s wheels.

We recently had the experts over at garage doors salt lake city ut Repair in Plano come out and repair the overhead door. It has been giving us a problem for over two years and we finally made the call. The team at Plano Overhead Door went above and beyond for us and we can now take the Moped out of storage, bring it back to the garage, and get to work again on it!

I think I’m also going to expand the focus of this site cheap commercial truck insurance, also to include motorcycles and mopeds. I got bit by the moped bug pretty hard last year, I fixed a ton of them and I now have 4 of my own. Having a moped in theĀ MinneapolisĀ area quite simply rules I’ve literally drove 80 miles in one day just taking city streets and doing some urban exploring. I’ve lived here roughly 15 years and I couldn’t believe some of the cool things and places I stumbled across last year just cruising around on my moped.

So the bad part about it is there’s no way for me to drive my moped to work, I’ve got about a half hour commute and I have to cross the mississippi to get to work, there’s no way around that so that means I’ve gotta take highways, thus I picked up my first motorcycle a few weeks ago. I’m pretty excited it should make a mundane boring commute into something actually relaxing and enjoyable.

So with that said I think I’ll have a lot of moped and motorcycle posts along with my MGB resto. It’s going to rule!