I traded my green Motobecane to a friend for a liquid cooled Peugeot 103 project bike. He had the majority of the parts for it and some of the work had been done already. I've always wanted to take a crack at a liquid cooled bike.


Year Make Model
1978 Peugeot 103


Engine Manufacturer Engine Model
Peugeot 103
Engine Part Type Engine Part Name Engine Part Notes
Cylinder Kit Polini 50cc liquid cooled with matching head.
Engine Case Polini
Water Pump Polini Mechanical
Radiator Polini

Fuel System

Fuel System Part Type Fuel System Part Name Fuel System Part Notes
Carburetor 21mm Dellorto PHBG AD Clone The one I'm using is an ebay chinese knockoff of what I linked. Currently running a 40 idle and a 100 main jet.

Exhaust System

Exhaust Part Type Exhaust Part Name Exhaust Part Notes
Pipe Peugeot RGD Very similar to a doppler


Transmission Part Type Transmission Part Name Transmission Part Notes
Variator Doppler ER2 Without Clutch Function I went for the ER2 with this one hoping it'll be less clackity clacky
Pulley Doppler Clutch Pulley

Additional Components

Part Type Part Name Part Notes
Front Suspension Suzuki K10 Forks
Rear Shocks Adjustable Rear Shocks
Tires Sava MC11s 17" x 2.75" Tires
Wheels Peugeot TSM 6 Star Rims

Custom Modifications

Modification Description
Paint Bike sandblasted and painted
Tank Shaping Sides of the tank were filled with body filler and sanded flat