Kristi’s Pinto

This is a customer bike. Kristi wanted me to go through the whole bike and give it a good tune up, swap out the seat and give it some new paint.


Year Make Model
1978 JC Penney Pinto2


Engine Manufacturer Engine Model
Puch E50

Fuel System

Fuel System Part Type Fuel System Part Name Fuel System Part Notes
Carburetor 15mm Dellorto SHA

Exhaust System

Exhaust Part Type Exhaust Part Name Exhaust Part Notes
Pipe Techno Estoril

Additional Components

Part Type Part Name Part Notes
Tires Sava MC11s

Custom Modifications

Modification Description
Aftermarket Seat Hack Brown maxi bench seat hacked up along with bike's seat post
Sandblasted & Painted Sandblasted, Primed and Painted Black with a coat of clear over it.
Widen Pedal Widened one of the pedals so that it could clear the exhaust and still be used