Extend Your Pedals To Accommodate Exhaust Pipe

November 19, 2013

So here’s a pretty common one, you put a monster expansion chamber pipe on your moped and now you can’t use your pedals since they don’t spin all the way around because there’s a big exhaust pipe in the way.

There’s a lot of different hacks and approaches to this problem, but this is the one I feel will work pretty much universally with any pipe on any moped.

Just make the pedal itself a little wider using… some pedals. Hack the end off an old pedal or two and weld them on to your existing pedal to extend it out. This way you’re not actually messing with the original pedal shaft, you can make use of the cotter pin holes and if you change pipes and it’s no longer necessary you can just grind off your extra pedal nubs.

Special thanks to Will Daloz of the SWOOPS for the idea!



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