Goody Gumdrops

My first Peugeot! I picked this up from my buddy Tom when he decided that he wanted to quit mopeds. My goal for this bike is a comfortable daily rider of sorts.


Year Make Model
1978 Peugeot 103


Engine Manufacturer Engine Model
Peugeot 103
Engine Part Type Engine Part Name Engine Part Notes
Cylinder Kit 1977 Mopeds Racey Peugeot Kit 50cc kit, has some pretty decent sized ports and a third transfer

Fuel System

Fuel System Part Type Fuel System Part Name Fuel System Part Notes
Carburetor 19mm PHBG AD Clamp Style, Right Hand Side Tuning
Main Jet 88
Idle Jet 45
Starter Jet 60
Needle W7
Atomizer 262 AU
Intake 19mm
Reed Valve Malossi Carbon Fiber

Exhaust System

Exhaust Part Type Exhaust Part Name Exhaust Part Notes
Pipe Simonini Circuit Header and silencer Restrictions removed. Chopped off and repositioned baffle.


Transmission Part Type Transmission Part Name Transmission Part Notes
Clutch Stock 3 balls, 2 star springs
Variator Doppler ER3 with Clutch Function
Pulley Tun
Belt Gates AX32
Front Sprocket 13T
Rear Sprocket 45T

Additional Components

Part Type Part Name Part Notes
Tires Sava MC11s 17" x 2.25"
Launch Lever Polini
Temp Gauge Trail Tech

Custom Modifications

Modification Description
Modified Puch Seat Chopped up and made a bracket for an aftermarket puch bench seat
Extended Pedal Arm Extended the pedal arm so it clears the exhaust
Hardwired Wiring completely redone with voltage regulator and killswitch added.