Peugeot 103 Rattle Can Paint Job

August 15, 2014

So I had a bunch of leaks in the gas tank of my red Peugeot 103. Sealed the tank twice with red kote and I still had some leakage occuring. So I sanded the problem areas down to bare metal on the outside of the tank, drilled holes through the leaky spots and sealed it all up with some JB Weld. No more leaks, however now I had a bunch of jb weldy/bare metal spots on my bike so I sprayed some paint on them to prevent rust from forming.

I liked the original paint job, but it was looking pretty ratty in my opinion after fixing up my tank issues. I’m been meaning to clean up my wiring so I took the whole bike apart and did a somewhat half ass job repainting it with rattle can paint. Eventually I’d like to repaint it nice, but I just wanted to get it looking uniform and cheaply. We’ll this is what I did with $30 worth the rattle can paint.


Big Red






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