Fume Free Moped Tuning

August 21, 2015
Fume Free Moped

I was getting pretty sick literally of tuning my bike in my garage with all the fumes so I tossed some dryer hose I had lying around on my exhaust, worked like a charm.


All wired Up!

November 25, 2014
Peugeot 103 wiring

I mounted up one of these terminal thingies up to my race put frame and finished up the wiring. I suppose I could have done a nice neat job and hid the wires a little better, ┬ábut with this bike I’d rather just have them easily accessible if I want to change anything later on….


Winter Project 1 – Peugeot Race Bike

November 24, 2014
H2O Peugeot 103

Well I sorta ran out of time getting my race bike ready for totfest this year. I had it running just prior to the race, still needed to be tuned, but complete for the most part. Then, it wouldn’t start. I figured I’d bring it to the track with me and then get it straightened…