This is my second motorcycle. I mainly use my motorcycle for longer rides and commuting, so I wanted something comfortable & dependable with decent storage. Initially when I was buying it I figured I'd hang on to the 82 nighthawk I was riding at the time for cruising around the city, but after one ride on the ST I was like "I'm never riding the nighthawk again". It's just a better bike in every possible way, except for being bulkier I guess.


Year Make Model
1992 Honda ST1100


Engine Manufacturer Engine Model
Honda 1100cc V4

Custom Modifications

Modification Description
Paint & Bodywork The bike had faded paint and had been dumped when I picked it up. The damage was purely cosmetic. Just a little bit of cracked and scraped plastic here and there. I fixed what I could with body filler, sanded everything down and then primed. The paint I used is chrysler's 'rescue green' and put a coat of clear on top of it.