Winter Project 1 – Peugeot Race Bike

November 24, 2014

Well I sorta ran out of time getting my race bike ready for totfest this year. I had it running just prior to the race, still needed to be tuned, but complete for the most part. Then, it wouldn’t start. I figured I’d bring it to the track with me and then get it straightened out before the races started. No luck, I ended up being way too busy getting release forms signed, getting the other races signup up, etc.

H2O Peugeot 103

Where she sits

After the races I just sorta set it aside, I wanted to work on my trail and just get as many rides in as I could before it got cold out. Well it’s cold now so this is gonna be the first winter project I tackle.

First thing I did was pull the carb and give it a good cleaning since it’s hardly been run at all this year and has been sitting with gas in it. After that I tried to start it with a drill and all it did was backfire a couple of times. Turns out the timing had slipped somehow. I reset it to 1.25mm btdc and it started right up and purrs like a kitten now.


So that’s that, now I can start moving forward on some of the other parts of the project. I threw 6 of the 2.3g weights in the variator it’s still going to need tuning, but that’s where I’m starting. I¬†added a temp sensor to the coolant line where flow will be exiting the cylinder.

Variator and temp sensor

Variator and Temp Sensor

I am planning on using this bike for riding around town rather that just the one race a year so I’ve titled it and I’m going to be running lights so I started on the wiring. I picked up an eBay license plate taillight combo and started pulling all the wires I’m going to need.

Tail Light License Plate Combo

Tail Light License Plate Combo

Wiring Mess

Wiring Mess

I’m going to do the launch lever and rear brake a little different on this one too, but I’ll get into that when my parts show up.


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