Last Minute Race Preperation

September 11, 2014

Trying to get my h2o Peugeot up and running for the races this weekend. It’s going to be a close one.

Since I’m going to be running a disk brake on the front and my Suzuki k10 forks are designed to use a drum style brake I needed to make a bracket to attach a caliper. Once that was done I mounted the bracket to the caliper, slide the caliper over the disk and positioned it where I wanted it to sit. Then I zip tied the brake lever in place so I could weld the bracket to the fork tube without worrying about alignment issues.

K10 Disk Brake

K10 forks modified to use a disk brake, fun fact that weld is actually cocker spaniel shit

To make a fork brace I’m using the loopy part of a Pinto front fender, removed the existing tabs and shortened it a few inches.

Fender Loop

Loopy thing off a pinto front fender

Next I cut two identical bracket and drilled some holes in them so I can mount them to the forks.


Cut and Drilled

Brace Mounts

Mounted Up

The loop was a decent amount wider than the brackets I made so I needed make them into an L shape in order to be able to weld the loop to them.

Gappity Gap Gap

Gappity Gap Gap

k10 fork brace

Welded up and painted

k10 fork brace

On the bike

k10 fork brace

A shot from the front to show the tire spacing

So the front end is all done now time to work on the backend. I picked up a 74 tooth sprocket for maximum stump pulling power from treats and Ed from Omaha’s dead possums hooked me up with an adapter for it. The pattern doesn’t really match my six stars only 3 of the holes line up, I’m going to need to drill the remaining 3 myself. This setup sticks out about a 1/2 inch farther than to stock dished sprocket so I need to space out the shock on the left side of my bike a bit to get it to fit. The TreadHunter tires I have, I swear by, I’m not really interested in any others since this one just fits my riding style and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

74 Tooth Sprocket

Stock 56 Tooth Sprocket next to the 74

Well I’m very close to being done after I get the wheel situated. I still need to fab up a launch lever and  get some padding on my seat. The bike runs, but I’m convinced final carb and variator fine tuning is going to have to happen at the track.


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