Starting on my Totfest 3 race bike!!

April 13, 2014

The tail end of last year I traded my green Motobecane for a Peugeot project that fellow Casseroller Brian Rogers was working on. I’ve been stockpiling parts here and there to round it it until I got some my other projects taken care of before I jumped in on it.

Peugeot 103 Build

Peugeot 103 frame with a crossbar welded in and a yamaha something or other seat pan

Box of Parts

Box O’ Parts

Well I’m on transmission repair cape coral fl now, I’m taking my first stab at a liquid cooled frenchie this should be fun.

I’m going to be running the 50cc W port polini kit with a polini case, you can see the other parts going into it on it’s project page. I’ll be doing more posts on the mechanical setup, but for now I’ll start out with what’s obviously the most important part of any build, THE HEADLIGHT.

Headlight Fairing

I picked up this ridiculously awesome headlight fairing thing from treats. It’s made for a dirtbike or something with forks that have a little wider triple tree than a moped so I had to do a little bit of bracket making to make it play nice. It’s brackets are roughly 7.5″ apart where as the headlight bracket for my suzuki k10 forks is more like 5″. 10253062_10151945094197237_460057053_o

I cut a few pieces of steel to the proper length and welded some tubing to them to act as a spacer. Side note those spring are some beefier k10 springs I picked up off of carlos on moped army.

headlight brackets and k10 springs

Headlight brackets and k10 springs

Powder coating stuff cause when you have a powder coating gun you want to powdercoat everything.

Powder coating operation

Poor man’s powder coating operation

The finished product, I screwed up the cure time on one of the springs a little bit so the finish looks a little different, but I don’t really mind.

Powder Coated Hardware

Fuzzy pic of the finished brackets and springs


Headlight Brackets

Brackets mounted up

It worked out quite well I’d say, with this headlight setup I think it’s safe to say I’m obviously going to win every race ever.

Headlight Mounted

And There Was Much Rejoicing!



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