1977mopeds.com Peugeot 50cc Racey Kit Review Part 2

October 19, 2013

So I’ve been running the 1977 50cc Peugeot kit that I did a video on a few weeks back and here’s what I’ve found so far.

  • The Simonini needed a bit of modification in order to fit properly and use my pedals. No big deal though I’m used to having to modify the majority of pipes out there in order to keep pedals. That’s just mopeds!
  • I should be running a block of swiss cheese for my bottom end, because I’ve got an equivalent amount of air leaks at the moment with my setup. My old crank seals both leak, the quiksteel I used to fill in around the transfer ports is leaking. The split in the case halves might possibly be leaking.
  • I’ve gotten the kit up to 40mph so far, it pull pretty decent up into the 30s and hits a wall at 40. I feel that it should be much faster and that my air leaks and sloppiness are most likely the culprit.

So at present I have everything torn down and I’m going to try and get it back together leak free. Since I’ve got it apart while I’m at it I’m going to open up the intake some more and modify the skirt on the cylinder and possibly the piston for some better flow on the boost port.

And I did a quick port map while I had things apart too…

1977 Mopeds Peugeot 50cc Racey Kit port map

1977 Mopeds Peugeot 50cc Racey Kit port map


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