Ready for Spring!!!

March 11, 2014

Holy Christ I’m ready for spring. Today it got close to 50 degrees out (maybe it did idk), the frozen tundra is starting to thaw. Sea levels in the Minnesota area are starting to rise! Moped Armageddon is almost upon us! Be ready for it!!

I had 3 projects on my docket for this winter.

  1. Fixup, Tune and Paint a Pinto for a customer
  2. Make the Grumpy Dumpies pretty
  3. Work on my H2O Peugeot 103 project

As of today I’m at about 2.5 done. Kristi’s Pinto is totally done pending a couple spins around the block to check for loose bolts and the brakes, but it’s running really good and looking sharp. The grumpy dumpies is all back together, rewired and all the cabling is back in place. I’ve got my old temporary seat on there while I wait for my new one to get upholstered.

Lastly I haven’t done too much with my pug project. I really wanted to focus on finishing the other two bikes first so I could really focus on this one. I painted it when I painted the other two bikes and I’ve just been accumulating the last few parts I need. I think right now all I really need is a pair of rear shocks, but other than that I ready to start putting the legos together. It’s going to be a fun project I can feel it!


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