February 19, 2014

Starting to work on hacking up the seat for the Grump Dumpies.


This tomos seat I picked up is pretty close to what I want to be rocking, but it’s a little long and the upholstery is shit.


So the first thing I did is pull it all apart and chopped the nose of the seat off like two inches back. It mates to the tank much better now and the taillight has better exposure.


The foam was in pretty good shape so I’m planning on reusing it. I chopped the nose down to match the pan.



So the two goals for this seat setup are to hide the brackets that the pan is getting mounted on and also cover the little nubbin’ on the back of the gas tank. I think I’ll be able to do both and still have it blend well with the bike.



This is where I’m leaving it for the night. Next up I’ll be welding some mounting bolts in the seat pan and then the seat will be getting reupholstered. I want it to look nice so I’m probably going to have someone else do it.



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