The Grumpy Dumpies Is Finished!

May 20, 2014

The Grumpy Dumpies - Puch Moped


Well I built it last year and rattle canned it flat black. I just wanted to ride it and figured I’d work on the aesthetics later. Well it’s later, I had the whole thing sandblasted over the winter and painted it. I swapped out the pinto swingarm for a magnum, had the tires trued, powder coated a bunch of odds and ends and swapped the metra80 I was running for a Eurokit.

The new seat is a tomos seat that I was given that I chopped and had reupholstered I think it works pretty well with my tank. I think it would look a little better if I chopped it about 4-5 inches shorter, but I’m a taller guy and I actually sit back that far so comfort overrules aesthetics.

I really love the eurokit as I had mentioned before, but it really blasts. It’s been a long time since I rode the bike with the metrakit, but it almost feels faster to me. idk whether it is or not, but I’m happy with it.



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