New Kicks for the Grumpy Dumpies

August 24, 2015

I recently acquired some puch snowflakes, I hate spokes so I decided to put them on the Grumpy Dumpies. The rear was no problemo, but I wanted to keep my disc brake up front and I was running a stock 17″ kx80 front wheel prior so I needed to do a little bit of work to mount a disc on the snowflakes. For the most part I used Ed Manhart’s awesome thread on moped army ‘Snowflake Disc Brake DIY w/pics‘. The idler pulley trick works like a charm.

The next thing I had to deal with was that I already had a good axle on the front that I wanted to keep, but it’s 10mm as opposed to the usual 12mm that folks run so the bearings I needed were a little different. I used 6200-2RS bearings. They have a 30mm OD and a 10mm ID, the snowflakes ID are 32mm so I needed to shim them, luckily I had some scrap stock lying around that was roughly 1mm thick.

Grumpy Dumpies Spokes

Before with Spokes

Grumpy Dumpies Wheel Swap

Rear on, front needs discs and bearings

Snowflakes with Disc

Front Converted

Grumpy Dumpies with new kicks

After, Everything mounted and finished


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