Honda Nighthawk Windshield

August 6, 2011

A while back I said I was going to pick up a windshield for my nighthawk. Well I’ve had one for a while, but haven’t done any videos or blogged about it so here goes.

I ended up going with the slipstreamer turbo S-05 windshield. It was fairly inexpensive, I believe it was just under $100 on Amazon. It wasn’t listed as saying that it would fit on my exact year and model but it does fit similar bikes with similar headlights so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Installation was super easy; unscrew the reflectors on the sides of the headlight, loosen up the nuts underneath. Some brackets on the windshield slide underneath the nuts and then there’s two more brackets that connect to the handlebars. It literally takes 10-t5 minutes to put on, and the same to take off if you don’t feel like using it some days.

It definitely works, riding at highway speed is a lot more comfortable. I get a little bit of buffeting around the head, but not really uncomfortable. It’s the wind noise that bother me more then anything, but I’ve usually got earplugs or earbuds in on longer rides so it’s a pretty moot point.

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