Wifeped Down!

July 31, 2014

Before we even got started at the Just the Tip rally my wife’s bike died on us. She said she heard a ‘pop’ and then it was dead. I tried starting it and I could hold in the clutch and practically stand on the pedal and it wouldn’t move, seized hard.

I had taken it on a few test runs when we first got there to make sure it was jetted properly and nothing else was out of the ordinary, it was running great. So I figured it must be some sort of mechanical anomaly, something just straight up broke.

Well it turns out I was right, the small roller bearing in the connecting rod decided to explode and sent it’s rollers throughout the engine to wreak havoc. The piston, cylinder and head are pretty gouged up and trashed. Looks like I’m in the market for a new kit. No biggie, but I’m going to finish up my two Peugeots and the Honda trail I just picked up first.

Here’s some pics of the carnage…

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