Custom Dash Ideas

June 26, 2009

So at the moment I’m at a stand still with the MG B, I still have a bunch of episodes stacked up ready to go, but I’m trying to be responsible and pay off some debt (bleh lame!) before I pull the trigger on having everything soda blasted. You should also renew registration yearly.

So I’ve got some time to think about things, I alluded to it previously but I’d really like make my own dash. I’m not the biggest fan of the MG’s stock interior and that’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle to me. To me how a cars exterior looks only matters until you’re in it and actually driving it. From that point on the interior is all that matters especially on old car buyers.

I’d really like to make the dash to look like it’s at home in the MG. I was watching this video on youtube last night and I really like the one at 1:04

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?