Ratio Rite

June 28, 2011

I’ve accumulated a decent amount of specialized moped tools over the last couple of year and I thought I’d do some short videos on them and how they’re used. Starting things off I’ve got my ratio rite and my trusty 3oz non spilling oil bottle.

It’s debatable which mix is ideal, and everyone has their own opinions. The majority of people seem to say either 32:1 or 40:1. Most importantly I’d say is that you pick the ratio you’re going to use with your bike and then stick with it. Tune your bike accordingly and keep using the same mix. The reasoning behind this is that the more oil in your fuel, the less fuel that is going to be mixed with air via your carb. Thus the more oil you put in your mix the leaner you’re going to run and vice versa, the less oil you use the richer you bike is going to be running.

So whatever you choose again just stick with it and have you bike tuned accordingly

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