August 10, 2011

So I’ve been working on getting my wife’s JC Penney Swinger2 in running order. I almost had it done over the winter, but I cannibalized the cdi to put on my tomos, I just bought another one so I’m back on it. It’s a pretty standard Puch E50 build, basically the treats 70cc SHA party pack and the treats puch cdi kit .

  • 70cc K-Star Kit
  • Hi Comp Head
  • Dellorto 16:16 SHA Carb
  • Treats Puch CDI Kit
  • 12v Voltage Regulator
  • Tecno Boss Pipe
  • Trail Tech Endurance Speedo
  • Puch Bench Seat (Not Pictured)
I’ve still got some tuning to do, it runs but it doesn’t quite blast yet. The only Dellorto jet I had on hand in the 60s range was a 68 and it’s still running a little rich so I had to order some more.
I forgot that the light that were one the bike were 6v, well the Treats CDI puts out 12v so that lights all fried in a hurry. I got some new bulbs for the taillights and order the headlight but I thought I’d pass on some info. Here are some product numbers for 12v lights that you can purchase at most auto parts stores and if you don’t have luck there you can easily find them online. The Headlight I’m using is the standard round sealed beam lamp, with these you replace the glass and everything. The other style is referred to as a bullet style headlight, they’re deeper and are commonly found on italian style mopeds, with those you just replace the bulb.
Headlights – 4.5″ Sealed Beam
  • Bulb #4411 -12v 35 Watt Bulb, this is the defacto standard replacement
  • Bulb #4416 -12v 35 Watt, this is the same as the 4411, but the glass is clear and doesn’t use a refracting pattern, looks cooler imho, but doesn’t work as well
  • #5007 bulb these are super easy to come by, any most autoparts stores and some gas stations sell these
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