Eurokit will you marry me?

April 20, 2014

So I picked up a Eurokit for the grumpy dumpies, I had a Metra80 on it, but I’ve been itching to try one out so I figured what the hell and picked up the angled port version of it.

Puch Eurokit

Death, Destroyer of Worlds!

Oddly enough the skirt was just oh so slightly bigger than the Metra80 like a hair’s width. I didn’t want to hammer it in there and mess things up, so I busted out some plastic wrap, playdough and my dremel with a sanding thingy on it. I didn’t get any pics of it because I’m a dunce.┬áHere’s the gist of it, I took a piece of plastic wrap and cut a hole in it, this is to let the connecting rod poke through . then I pack play dough in there. This is to catch all of the evil wanna wreck my bearing metal shavings. Dremel the case out just a tad, blow out the loose shaving then pull out the plastic wrap and the play dough with it. Tada I can fit a eurokit now.

Here’s some side by side pics comparing the eurokit to the metra80…

Eurokit and metrakit transfers

Metra80 has longer transfers, but the eurokit’s are slightly wider, plenty of material to experiment with too.

Eurokit metrakit exhaust

Metra has a bigger exhaust port, but you could easily open the Eurokit’s.


eurokit, metrakit intake

Intake, again oh so slightly bigger on the metrakit


I didn’t do anything with the intake or exhaust on mine. I’m running a MLM rev run pipe and the exhaust header is 25mm at the flange and that’s what the Eurokit’s exhaust port is so I left it alone. Well I did smooth it out, but no real modification there.

Same goes for the intake, I forget the measurement, but it was a pretty spot on match for the intake I’m using so I left it alone.

Transfers on the other hand I opened up to match my case which was matched to the Metra80…



I’m still tuning, I’m a little rich, getting some four stroking at WOT, but man I’m a little scared of this kit. On the za50 tonight I was taking a corner and slammed down on the throttle and wham! the bike revved up and slammed into second(za50) and the front wheel wanted to lift off the ground.

I’ll have a better opinion of it in a few months, but right now I feel like this could be just as good if not better than the Metra80. Plus it’s ridiculously cheap when compared to other Puch kits out there in the same class (metra80,polini,gilardoni). I without a doubt would recommend this to anyone looking to ditch their k-star and jump into the next level of things. Just look at the pricing…(via Treats)

  • Gila = $235
  • Polini = $227 (plus figure in a reedblock for another $50 or so)
  • Metra80 = $270
  • Eurokit = $169

One a side note if you’re looking for a replacement piston for a Metra80 you could probably use this piston. It’s different single ring vs two ring with a dykes ring and those funky holes in the sides of the piston wouldn’t do anything for you on the metra80, but as of right now you’ve got limited options for a replacement. Who know that may change, but if you’re in a jam this might help you out.

Eurokit piston in a metrakit

Eurokit piston in a metrakit


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