Cylinder Porting Bits

December 11, 2014

Cylinder porting is a great way to release the unseen potential of a stock moped(or kitted for that matter). I’m going to do a more in depth writeup on cylinder porting in the future once I finish building my port timing calculator tool, but in the meantime here’s a list of the tools I like to use when carving up a cylinder/case.

Carbide Burr

These full service moving company richmond va are great for doing the grunt work of removing a bunch of material.

Carbide Dremel Burr

Carbide Dremel Burr Set


You can pick up a set of these on ebay for around $12. (ebay listing)
See more at CC.

Sanding Drums

The burrs leave things a little rough so after I’m done with them I like to go over the surfaces with sanding drums. The standard size dremel branded drums are 1/4″, but you can also find 1/8″ drums, these fit into the nooks and crannies of your ports much easier.

1/8 sanding drums

Again super cheap if you pickup them up on ebay (ebay listing)

Riffler Files

These are great for the finishing details like chamfering the edges of your ports. The curved shaped makes it easier to get into the ports even on tiny 50cc cylinders.

riffler files

This is the set I’m using (Sears)

Needle Files

You can pick these up at harbor freight really cheap. They were out fast, the quality is shit, but they’ll get the job done. Also useful for chamfering and getting into hard to reach places. Stick with just the metal version the diamond style ones suck.

Needle Files

Needle Files


Disposably priced at around $4 (harbor freight)